Serverless client-side telemetry aggregation

In this blog post, I'm going to walk through a serverless approach to collecting and analyzing telemetry from web applications. This tutorial uses the AWS ecosystem, specifically CloudFront, Lambda, Kinesis Firehose, S3, Glue, and Athena.

Blogging for Fun and Profit

This past year has been a time of transition for me. Last August, I moved from the AWS client tools team to AWS Ground Station and from Washington State to Washington, D.C. After getting to work with some extraordinary people to see Ground Station evolve from an idea to a preview to a generally available AWS service, I decided to seek a position at the US Digital Service, where I'll be starting work next Monday. I'm looking forward to starting and am using some of the time between my last day at Amazon and my first day at USDS to set up this blog.