Serverless Single-Serving Secrets

A few weeks ago, a colleague showed me a small Sinatra application they had written to share small bits of sensitive text without any preconditions on the recipient. The application, which is very nicely branded as Onceler, will accept a small text snippet, store it in memory, and give the uploader a unique URL from which the secret can be downloaded. The recipient then visits the URL, which causes the secret to be downloaded, displayed, and deleted from the server’s memory.

Serverless client-side telemetry aggregation

A tutorial for capturing telemetry from browser clients using CloudFront, Kinesis Firehose, S3, and Glue

Serverless Single Serving Secrets

This page provides a mechanism to store moderately sensitive data that can be read exactly once. When you submit a text or file, you will be given a URL that can be visited one time within and that will display whatever you have stored. Values expire out of the database after 72 hours.