See this post for instructions on using this service programmatically.

Store some plaintext!

The simplest way to use this service is to store some text data. You can optionally specify a content type.

Store a small file!

You can also store small files for one-time retrieval. You're limited to what will fit in a DynamoDB record, so any file around or over 400KB will be rejected.

Store some ciphertext!

If you don't want to trust the service with sensitive plaintext, you can always encrypt it and only persist ciphertext. The form below will use the WebCrypto API to encrypt data with AES-GCM using a key derived from the supplied password. The recipient can retrieve the plaintext using the returned ID and the same password.

Retrieve and decrypt ciphertext!

If you download anything stored with the previous form with an HTTP client, you will get back a JSON document with base64-encoded ciphertext and some details about the encryption used. Enter the secret ID and the password used to encrypt it in this form to retrieve, parse, and decrypt the plaintext.